Enjoy the glorious countryside at GFNY Uppsala

GFNY, the global endurance sport series, is coming to

Uppsala, Sweden on July 3, 2022!


The Course

GFNY Uppsala takes you from the bustle of Sweden’s 4th largest city to the picturesque nature of Uppsala County.

The race starts at IFU Arena and heads north. At km3, you travel past Gamla Uppsala’s Royal Mounds, then wind your way through the countryside to the start of the 60km loop.

Set in the tranquillity of the glorious Uppsala countryside, the highly-enjoyable 60km loop is raced twice by the long distance riders and once by the medium distance riders. The stillness and vastness of the Uppsala County nature will make you understand why this place was chosen thousands of years ago and has maintained its breathtaking beauty to this day.

While there are no significant climbs on this course (the highest point of the race is at 70masl), it will give you the impression the course is flat. But road accumulates 1800m of climbing on the long route because the road is constantly rolling. Your legs will be constantly adjusting to the changing topography, which will probably be the biggest challenge of the day.

After you complete the loop (or loops), you will trace the same route back to where you started the day, at IFU Arena. After crossing the finish line and getting your medal, enjoy the post-race meal, music, festivities, and awards ceremony.


Long Route – 168 Km / 1862m+


Medium Route – 105 Km / 1072m+


About Uppsala

Uppsala is Sweden’s 4th largest city and is located just a 18-minute train ride from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and a 40min train ride from Stockholm.
The Fyris river divides the city into two parts. The historic part, which holds historic sights such as the Uppsala Castle (Slottet) and its Botanic Garden and museums, Uppsala Cathedral (Domkyrka), and Uppsala University, which was founded in 1477 and is the oldest university in Scandinavia. The modern part of Uppsala holds the administrative, commercial and residential areas of Uppsala.
Uppsala dates back more than 2000 years, it was one of the main Viking settlements, the residence of the kings of the legendary Yngling dynasty and an important religious, economic and political center in Scandinavia. It was founded in 1286, but today is a modern, innovative and progressive city.
Given its scientific and academic heritage, Uppsala is a research and biotech hub, but also aims to be a leading sports city, with its several sports arenas for outdoor and indoor sports and sports clubs. Due to being a university city, Uppsala has a great restaurant and bar scene, and a wide range of hotel options for you and your family to have a great stay for GFNY Uppsala.



GFNY Perks

All riders receive the official GFNY race jersey, which is mandatory attire at the race. The jersey is designed in NYC and Made in Italy.

Every GFNY Uppsala finisher receives a medal, no matter which distance they complete. All finishers also earn a “Finish” towards their 3×2022 GFNY medal or the 10x lifetime medal. Go to gfny.com/medals for more information on GFNY’s multi-finisher medals.

The top 10% of finishers in all age groups riding the long course qualify for the front corral start at the GFNY World Championship NYC.


Getting There



Stockholm Arlanda Airport offers Sweden’s strongest route network with more than 181 different national and international destinations. Its proximity to Arlanda makes Uppsala an easily accessible destination for travelers from around the world.


Getting Here
Uppsala is just an 18 minute train ride from Arlanda airport. It is the easiest way to travel from the airport to Uppsala.